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Someone who watches too many PETA/animal cruelty videos online and suddenly proclaims they are a vegetarian. Common traits include "occasionally" eating meat, or only eating chicken. Fauxgetarians usually disregard their commitment to saving the animals after a month or two.
Heather's not a vegetarian, man. She's a fauxgetarian, she just watched too many PETA videos last week.

She told me she was a vegetarian, but I saw her eating a whole steak yesterday. Now I know she's just a fauxgetarian.
by typicalskeleton July 06, 2008
having no religion. currently a trendy movement among young people who were raised in over-protective, religious households. areligious people frequently confuse their belief (or lack thereof) with atheism, they are also known to mistake the scientific theory of evolution as an explanation for the origins of earth.
"john thinks he's an atheist, but he's actually just areligious."

"I'm not anti-god, I'm just areligious."
by typicalskeleton June 13, 2008
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