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3 definitions by tyno

star wars galaxies a MMORPG based on star wars movies.. setting is right after eps 4 a new hope
I played galaxies for four hours last night and still havent met Luke Skywalker.
by tyno June 23, 2005
someone that could do great things but wines to much.
"awww... could not get your ship out" yoda said to luke when luke whined

"it's not fair" anikian wineing
I hate freakin jedi they are so winey.
by tyno June 23, 2005
jonesing the want of somthing .. comes from 'keeping up with the joneses'. If you are jonsesing for some waffels you want to have waffles badly
Ive been jonesen fo some cake all night.
by tyno June 23, 2005