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A myspace whore is some one who spends their waking hours doing absolutly nothing, but sitting in front of their computer tryng to get " Friends" on their profile.and posting slutty pics of themselves for people to look at and hopefully add them. But they could go out and make new friends in real life, but that would require them to leave their computer, and *gasp* MySpace for a certain amount of time.
"OMG! no one has viewed my profile in 5 minuets. I only have 2059 views since i started my profile last week.I've posted so many comments, and bullitens, and skanky pics of myself. What's wrong with me, why won't people view my profile? I think I'll go cut my self, then try to get more friends to view my profile." says myspace whore.
by Tyler Runge July 25, 2006
Comment Wars are two or three people who are My Space Whores, the leave comments to each other, like having a conversation on AIM only a lot slower. These people are my space whores since they could go out and talk to people,but choose to stay in side and leave lame, meaningless comments.
Angie: How was the south? We missed you in D-Town. Emo in the new word for Eskimo.
(Five seconds later)
X-Topher: it was ok, what did you fuys do while i was gone.Oh i get it now, about the eskimos.
(and the comment wars just goes on for hours, sadly).
by tyler runge July 28, 2006
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