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-The WASPiest place on earth. Yes some parts are diverse, buy my god its so WASPy. People are arrogant, rich, snotty and act like they're above everyone socially. They make tons of money, probably never give a cent to charity, may be cheap, and spoil their rotten children who will grow up to be just as bad as their parents and hateful. Kids are bitchy, spoiled and always want the best. Mabye I shouldnt think it is so bad, but its just the white people are assholes.

-I have to tell you, I thought Staten Island was bad, then i came to Westchester. It even puts Long island to shame, but even the people of LI are not as stuck up as these assholes.

-by the way i live in Brooklyn, a place much more diverse then westchester, and I frequently travel through its many ethnic neighborhoods. Thank god for Brooklyn and NYC, and thank god i only visit my relatives in Westchester, who are actually not my favorite people and only moved from Brooklyn because "city life" was to congested and "stressful"
Many waspy shitheads and guineas live in Westchester
by tyc12 June 14, 2007

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