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the name for the police who roam around in a golfcart because they are not good enough for a policecar. usually very fat, these are the original doughnut breed. the lowest part of a police force, they can easily be evaded
those golf cart popo cant even catch those kids running from them.

thats because they are slower than fuck.

yeah, they must have failed many police tests to become a low golf cart popo
by tyboogey September 20, 2009
An electrical box where smokers hang out, usually to be caught by golf-cart popo.
those bitches by the green box just got arrested!

well they always be smokin and they were bound to be caught eventually.
by tyboogey September 20, 2009
to walk in a straight line, even if the pathway you walk on is curved, causing you to bump your friends slowly off the road like a dumb ass bitch.
Dude, i was just strolling along next to Wil, and he totally jew-walked me off the sidewalk!

Thats fucked up man, wanna fight him?

Hell yeah i do!
by tyboogey September 20, 2009
formerly known as the green box, it is an electrical box that is spray painted orange with above the influence signs, to reassign smokers to another place, which is so secret it cannot be named. only the most badass motha fuckas dare smoke there now.
why would they spray paint that green box?
well they made it an orange box so no one would dare smoke there anymore
by tyboogey September 20, 2009
the act of a black women pouring salt on a white man during intercourse, followed by an ass biting.
did you just pull a saltine cracker?

hell yeah i did now get out my house!
by tyboogey September 20, 2009
someone who thinks they are the fuckin shit at the wii, although they bite major dick. they come home everyday, playing wii as their main source of exercise.
isnt Dylan the biggest Wii Faggot you've ever met?

ive never met him hes too damn busy playing Wii.
by tyboogey September 20, 2009

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