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The identifying markers that an aggie uses to make sure his undies are on the correct way. This is done by following the mantra that he learned at orientation, "yellow in the front, brown in the back". See also: skid marks, hershey highway
When joe bob picked up his whitey-titeys off the floor, he repeated to himself "yellow in the front, brown in the back", and succesfully used his aggie laundry marks to correctly don his drawers.
#tightie-whities #hershey highway #skid marks #aggie #puckle
by tx_doc May 30, 2006
The greasy film that accumulates in one's butt crack in high humidity regions. Also known as butt grease, or anal leakage. sharts are the main culprits in the formation of puckle. Indicators for puckle include, a slimy sensation around the anus, an incessant need to re-wipe, skid marks or aggie laundry marks.
Dude, my butt is nasty! I must have a bad case of puckle.
#butt grease #shart #skid marks #aggie laundry marks #anal leakage
by tx_doc May 30, 2006
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