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4 definitions by twinny22

when a bunch of americans, predominantly republicans, get together to bash the Obama administration, the government's apparent intent to brainwash all americans, and tax the US into poverty.

These are normally funded by wealthy republicans
dude!! some crazy shit went down at the tea bag party those rich guys put on at the town hall last night,

some guy was convinced the new Digital TV receivers were actually brainwashing machines..
by twinny22 October 28, 2009
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To go to an Indian restaurant with a girl and make out.

This would best be used if you ate a girl out at an Indian restaurant before after or during a meal.
To go for a curry.

I met this chick down town and we went for a curry, it was a great time but maybe i shouldn't have eaten that spicy food first.
by twinny22 October 01, 2009
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When one person goes in for a fist bump and the other greets that fist bump with an open palm.

This can either be on purpose or by accident depending on the situation,
"Dude i totally went to fist bump Mark and the jerk palm fisted me."

"I think he thinks i'm a poser.."


Guy 1: "I went to fist bump Joe and he went to give me a high five - Total Palm Fisting "

Guy 2: "Man he never knows whats going but hey at least he tries hard"

Guy 1: "Yeah nice guy, tries hard, bottom third.."

Guy 2: "Well he is good for a laugh.."

Guy 1: "Yeah and his sister is Hot :) "
by twinny22 November 20, 2009
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To dress to casual for work,

This can either be in relations to your companies dress code, or your bosses view of what the dress code should be
Boss: Hey Steve dressed a little beachy today are we..

Steve: Uh.. Yeah the flip-flops were a little much eh..

Boss: Well, wearing those Board Shorts is a little much, Those Flip-flops are something else..

Steve: :|
by twinny22 November 26, 2009
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