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A sudden outburst of frothing-mouthed, sweaty-handed Wingnut rage. They are usually inspired by a seemingly trivial action performed by a person of color, woman, or any elected member of the Democratic Party.
Eric: Haha, did you see the winger hissy fit about the trailer for that new Mexploitation flick?

Andy: Yeah! Shammity had a total exploding teabag over it. Lightly caffeinated shrapnel all over the front of his pants.
by twenty3skidoo May 06, 2010
When a woman looks attractive from a distance, but considerably less attractive up close.
"That bitch is totally two-block hot. She looked good from down the street, but up close... meth mouth, dude!"
by twenty3skidoo March 16, 2008
A drink popular in the seedier dive bars of Seattle consisting of 1 can Rainier beer, 1 shot of Polish Vodka, a splash of Clamato, and garnished with a Buffalo wing.
I can't go out today. I need to stay close to the toilet because of all of the Double Gavlinski's I drank last night.
by twenty3skidoo July 21, 2016
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