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A term usually used after a ferocious night out paggering the drugs.
More commonly described as being in a k hole… A.K.A in a ketamine hole.

When ones state of mind is purely and simply being completely fucked.
Here mate, i'm in a hole here like,a propa deep hole it’s fuckin’ mint!
by tweaked September 04, 2007
English for...
1. a horrible, skeffing, mank, who rekons they are the shit, when in actual fact they are nothing more than just a peice of shit.

2.a male charver (or chav as you southerners might say)

3.a way to greet male or butch females in a friendly manner (as long as they are your mates, if not prepare to be pounded on)
1. you are a fucking rank billy lad mate!

2. ere mate look at the billy lad ower there with his fuckin tinnies! why aye man!

3. areet billy lad, long time nee see. you areet like hew?
by tweaked September 04, 2007
someone who has been on the bags/drugs for the weekend and has a horrible, distorted vile face.

usually after whiteying or dropping more cowies than a sessioner in snderland
mate your pyatt is sour as fuck

check out the pyatt on that! rank
by tweaked September 04, 2007

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