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5 definitions by turd burgeler

when a girl is blowing u and she yanks down on ur balls and they sling up
when zoe was blowing tyler and she grabbed his balls and yanked down thus making them spring back up, hitting him in the face rendering him defensless and giving him a black eye this is called a sacremento slingshot.
by turd burgeler April 04, 2008
13 10
when you pour maple syrup on a girls face, then she finishes u off and u bust all over it.
tyler gave zoe a canadian will call.
by turd burgeler April 04, 2008
15 15
when ur doing a girl in the ass and she shits while ur doing it, and she eats the shit off it and u bust in her mouth.
george thought of the oaklahoma inverted chilli dog
by turd burgeler April 04, 2008
15 18
When ur playing with a girls boobies, and she says to stop, but u keep doping it anyway
i was playing with joanies tits while she was on the phone when she told me to stop, right there is when i knew this game was goin into overtime.
by turd burgeler April 07, 2008
12 22
when u shove a wooden spoon up a girls ass when ur hittin it from the back and then u go and make brownies with it right after
tyler and zoe used the greasy spoon to make these brownies, and thats why everyone died
by turd burgeler April 07, 2008
15 66