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a group of kids that are attractive have creepy fangirls have a 4 or 5 digit number of followers that they've gained from constantly posting pictures of themselves or half naked photos of them or from being sarcastic, rarely because they have a good blog
They normally only follow under 100 people and have a constantly spammed ask box and only answer about 2% of questions that they're asked, they all talk to each other and are friends and go to tumblr meet ups together
their blog will always have a face page where they will post 100000 pictures of them taken with high quality cameras all with lots of notes, they can make a post about eating or something irrelevant and it will get 100 notes, they usually tend to come out as gay or bisexual after a while of having tumblr and have unusual or multicoloured hair, piercings, like shopping in topshop or having weird clothes and jumpers, wear creepers and care about their hair more than anything
they all have facebook even though they complain about how much they hate it
they all recieve anon hate which they answer sarcastically
and their ask answers are always printscreened and reblogged all the time
tumblr famous person: I'm so original and different because i have pink hair and a lot of piercings and i wear jumpers and creepers, my followers love me, but i only have 11,000 i hardly have any
by tumblrrrrr November 12, 2011
"Blog of the month" commonly used in Tumblr for promoting others tumblr's. When someone is a BOTM they are featured on the hosts blog for well, a month. There is also "BOTW" which is "Blog of the Week"
Can you vote for me at kidsofthesunshines's botm?
by Tumblrrrrr June 14, 2012
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