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Also known as Z.E.U.S.
Z.E.U.S was founded very recently in response to the impeding zombie apocalypse. Services include: ass kicking, slaying zombies, fortification, ass kicking, and more zombie killing.
911: This is 911 emergency, what service do you require?
Guy: OMG there's zombies everywhere, we're trapped on our roof, send help!!!
911: Stay calm sir, Zombie Eradication Unguiferous Squad has been dispatched.
Guy: We're saved!
5 min later

Zombie Eradication Unguiferous Squad arrives on site.
1 min later
Guy: 911? Hello? Me again, all the zombies are dead, we've been saved! Zombie Eradication Unguiferous Squad has done it again!

Guy1: Why is there a boot sticking out of that dead zombie's face?
Guy2: Zombie Eradication Unguiferous Squad was here, and one of them kicked it's ass so hard they lost their boot.
Guy1: o_O
by tucsondog January 27, 2012
a large lizard that lives beside major highways. if you step out of your vehicle close to a road lizard, it will eat you.
look out, a road lizard.
by tucsondog October 17, 2006

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