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4 definitions by tu madre

Adj. Cool, layed back, spaced out
That dude is so limp haga
by tu madre April 01, 2005
what you say to someone during a heated argument, or just when they are being dumb.
Paige, go back to Nebraska!
by tu madre September 01, 2003
A dude from LPS wit a big ass mole on hiz face. Fat ass hell him and burrito make a good couple. He a big ass nerd and acts like a power ranger. HE thinkz he haz frendz but he really doesnt he has 2 frendz onli they act like him 2.
Mole Mole talks like a lil kid and has a big black dot on his cheek.
by Tu madre April 15, 2005
a club which only cool people can b in
im in the pen 15 club and ur not...chekc my hand! ha it says pen 15!
by tu madre June 22, 2003