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The act of forcing a "gleeballs" on someone, thereby making the act not as gleeful, but entirely glumful. Gleeballing is the homosexual act of stroking/raking your scrotum across the smiling face of your partner. Glumballs is the same act, but without the smile.
Friend 1: "I've never been sadder as that time I was gleeballed..."

Friend 2: "How the hell were you gleeballed if you didn't enjoy it? Did he hold you down? Were you not in a gleeballing mood? Dude, you totally got some glumballs up in there... ya better recognize!"
by ttobrub January 15, 2009
The repleted scrotum after a man who was lucky enough to have multiple orgasms during an hour of mindblowing sex. Named after the "wattle" (the red flesh that hangs off a male turkey's beak) because the wattle is often referred to as a gazzler, since no one knows to call it a wattle.
"Oh man, check out the gizzle-gazzle my girl gave me last night! Touch it too! It's so empty I could keep my keys and wallet in there, like a pocket!"
by ttobrub January 11, 2009
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