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The logic that slack-jawed voters use when any political conversation arises. From the price of gasoline to the outcome of their mixed martial arts matches; it's all Obama's fault.

Political persuasion aside, there is clearly a strong negative relationship between intelligence and hate for Obama.
Normal guy: "Oh my gosh! That building is on fire!"

Drooling retard: "I heard it's Obama's fault. He wasn't even born in America. Not even a 'murican!!! I even seen on TV that he's a MUSLIM!!"

Fat republican: "No, stupid. He's a communist. He wants people to PAY FOR HEALTH INSURANCE. I got every right to eat as much as I want. As long as I can pay for my allpurinol, I'm gonna keep the gout at bay. I heard it's Obama's fault."

Normal guy: "Is there a functioning brain between the two of you?"

Drooling retard: "I have a big truck. I heard it's Obama's fault."

Fat republican: "I like eating. And money. It's Obama's fault nomnomnom ow my gout nomnom"
by ttmike42 October 12, 2012
Since Eugene, Oregon is almost exclusively vanilla and pasty white, when you see a black kid on the U of O campus you can assume he is there from Oakland, CA to play football or run track.

Term originating from the University of Oregon athletics program.
Kid wearing skinny pants: "Dude, did you see all the black kids on campus today?"

Kid wearing fidora riding fixed gear bike: "Yeah man, all the afroletes are having orientation today."
by ttmike42 August 03, 2010
much like the human "chemoreceptors" which measure hydrogen ion, CO2 and O2 in the blood, emoreceptors measure the amount of happiness or hurt circulating in the system.
After this break up, I really need to get out of town for a few weeks and hopefully reset my emoreceptors back to normal.
by ttmike42 August 12, 2009

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