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A Republican President of the United States that really no worse, or no better, than most of the presidents that the American people have elected. Not very articulate but speaks his mind even though it is not popular. He truly belives in his vision of a better America (whether others believe the same way or not.) Opponents do not just disagree with him; they hate him with an unnatual passion that borders on obsessive. Ever hear the comparison of George Bush and Hitler... please. If George Bush were actually like Hitler, the person making the comparison would get a knock on the door in the middle of the night and never be seen again. All these people whose comments proceed mine would be tracked down and shot. Are you worried? Probably not. Disagree with him; fine. There is a lot to disagree about; but the people making these personal attacks about how stupid, ugly, inarticulate, ignorant... really show lack of mental ability to create a substantative argument. Just like the child who is loosing and argument, has nothing really left to save, but in an attempt to win says "You're just an idiot" Just a sad, last ditch attemp to win a loosing argument.
Several United Nations resolutions where being broken by Saddam Hussain, including almost daily firing at US and UK planes in the "no fly zone" of Iraq. All Saddam had to do was make an accounting of the distruction of his WMD program and we would not have invaded. Why did he not give an accounting as to how and when he got rid of them. He would not live up to his obligation to account for how they where distroyed so we assumed he still had them. Large leap? Or logic? Your counter argument...

Bush lied, people died. He's stupid. He's a moron. George Bush is worse that Hitler.

Wow! Real good. Public school, right?
by tryingtobelogical June 03, 2007
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