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8 definitions by truth teller

v. Live off the earnings of a prostitute
John couldn't pimp if his life depended on it
by truth teller December 29, 2003
244 219
a bunch of dirty smelly hippies
satanic bastards who are still practicing slavery to this very day
by truth teller October 13, 2004
59 42
adj. Wretched
n. Wretched thing
Chelly is a rat chew.
Chelly has rat chew ankles.
by truth teller January 01, 2004
3 6
Slang term for semen or male ejaculate.
The furry fandom is all about spooge.
by truth teller July 30, 2004
21 26
n. An OS that is awesome for geeky programmers. For everyone else, it is much too difficult to install and use.
Linux will always have a small installed base on desktop computers, because the only way it can become mainstream is if it loses the difficulty of installation and use. The only way to attain that is to completely change what linux is.
by truth teller December 29, 2003
26 48
Somebody that is totally immature and/or a follower
John and Bhargav are punk ass bitches.
by truth teller December 28, 2003
55 88
A hoax perpetrated by liberals, specifically Hitlery Rodman C.
The vast right wing conspiracy is actually a ploy by chicken farmers to market Buffalo Wings.
by Truth Teller September 19, 2003
25 170