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2 definitions by trustedscientist

The inability to breathe due to over indulgence with cheese, particularly "goat" gouda. However, this condition has been noted to occur after ingestion of any type of amazing European cheese. Symptoms include sudden memory lapse such as forgetting your name, incessant craving for more cheese and psychosis that manifests in a renewed outlook in life. Cheesephyxiated individuals often say, "This-is-the best-cheese-i've-ever-eaten-in-my-life!!!"
Oh man! I think I'm suffering from cheesephyxiation!
by trustedscientist October 14, 2012
1. To choke from eating too much cheese

2. You pigged out on cheese and now you can't breathe

3. If you don't like cheese then you will never understand
A: Geez! That girl in the party looked like she's never seen cheese in her entire life! She's totes stuffing her plate with all that cheese.

B: She better be careful or she'll be suffering from cheesephyxia.
by trustedscientist October 14, 2012