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1. to blatantly stare at a girl's breasts

2. when a girl catches you staring at her cleavage
guy 1: dude, she totally saw you checking out her tits!
guy 2: no way, i was discreet like a ninja midget.
guy 1: whatever, you were completely boobvious.
by truffer hoffer December 21, 2005
1. to be so distracted by the presence of breasts that you do not respond even when called by name.

2. to zone out while staring at cleavage
guy 1: dude, did you hear what i said?
guy 2: *stares at girl's cleavage*
guy 3: forget it, he's booblivious
by truffer hoffer December 21, 2005
1. a liege (only black).

2. a person of african descent, whose presence demands great respect.

3. a lord of the african-american persuasion
Negrodamus: I've had a vision! fetch me a quill!
peasant: yes my niege!!

Pimp: now you bitches be sure to bring me that cash money!
ho's: yes my niege.
by truffer hoffer December 08, 2005
1. as in ghetto fab

2. trailer park residents whom refuse to comprimise good taste with substandard living conditions.
cletus has a boat that's bigger than his double wide, boy is he ever living trailer fab.
by truffer hoffer December 15, 2005
1. a person who procastinates to a great extent yet still manages to do better on their problem sets and exams than anyone else in the class.

2. someone who procastinates and is an ass about it.
guy 1: i got a 95% on that exam and i only studied for five minutes before the test!
guy 2: fuck you man, i spent all week preparing for that test.
guy 1: maybe you should try being smarter, or at least less dumb.
guy 2: god you're such a procass.
by truffer hoffer December 19, 2005
1. Klinefelter's Syndrome: Having two X chromosomes and a Y chromosome (XXY), leading to physical defects such as being exessively tall, overweight, having enlarged male breasts, and small (2cm) testicles.

2. An extremely offensive/hilarious way of pointing out that you find a female to be unnatractive by fault of her overall brute masculinity.
guy 1: why is that chick wearing football gear?
guy 2: ugh, those are her shoulders. she's definitely got the klinefelters.
guy 1: i think i'm going to be sick.
by truffer hoffer December 16, 2005
verb. to research and gather sources for a paper or report without ever leaving the comfort of your computer chair or ever logging off of AIM.
guy 1: dont you have your thesis defense today?
guy 2: yeah, i'm ready.
guy 1: procass! you sat in your room all weekend!
guy 2: google's my savior. i e-searched the whole thing.
by truffer hoffer December 19, 2005

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