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French word for a platform in a station or a quay. It's not a slang word.
il faut attendre que le train soit arrêté pour descendre sur le quai. (you must wait till the train stops to get off on the platform)
by truefrenchgirl June 18, 2005
the real spelling is nique ta mère and that means something like fuck you motherfucker. Often used and for any reason by dumbasses who think they are tough guys.
nice person: J'aime pas trop tes chaussures (Your shoes ain't really my style)
dumbass: Nique ta mère!
by truefrenchgirl June 18, 2005
French word for friend, buddy.
C'est mon meilleur pote! (He is my best buddy!)
by truefrenchgirl June 19, 2005

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