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The kind of person that makes a retarded chimp look smart. They often can be found leaving definitions for their own name or the names of their friends on urbandictionary.com
Joe smith definition:
1: joe smith is the coolest man alive, look at me i wrote my name i am joe smith
2: joe smith is a twit
by truefate May 20, 2004
large vaginal lips that hang down like sliced roast beef
lori has a huge set of meat curtins
by truefate May 20, 2004
after performing anal sex with a woman you pull out and notice fecal matter on your penis. corn is usually undigested and can be seen in fecal matter...hence the corn referance
MAN 1 : "I was giving it to this drunk girl and i put it in her ass and she shitt all over my dick"
MAN 2 : Way to go corn cobb
by Truefate May 19, 2004
An ass hole
hey bich lick my brown-eye
by truefate May 20, 2004
a retarted word popularized by drew barrymore on the letterman show. Usually used by twits and cheer leaders
I am such and uber twit
by truefate May 20, 2004
to recieve oral form a woman and then preform anal with her after which she resumes the oral
this girl is such a freak, she double dips no questions asked!
by TRUEFATE May 20, 2004
Usually an upper class college student who is attempting to rebel. They are usually vegetarian which causes them to be skinny pale and sickly. They are also usually seen sporting MAC computers and VW beetles with pollyphonics spree blaring in the radio. They claim to be environmentalist but tend to just be mental. They enjoy pushing their crazy beliefs on people, not for the planets sake but to make everyone as miserable as they are. also see hippie
"I dont eat meat, meat is murder"
"I'll show you murder you tree hugging twit now take your 75 pound boney protein deficient hairy ass get back in your dads BMW and go find another piontless cause to adopt for the week"
by truefate May 20, 2004

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