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pronounced loke, short for local. A loc is the ultimate form of surfer bro. truly chucka enough. often seen wearing dickies workshirts/pants, dc shoes, famous, srh, black von zipper glasses, flannel, tall socks, black hats, etc. Surfs, skates, bmx, skim, mxc, mma, anything EXTREME! Listens to KMK, ICP, various punk, hardcore and metal, lil wayne, dr dre's 2001. Drives a truck or suv, usually lifted. Smokes lots of pot (shwag usually) and cigarettes (reds are a favorite) and drinks lots of beer (natty ice, keystone, coors, tecate, etc.) and whiskey (jameson and jack!). Usually found: sitting in their drive way and looking at their hot rods/motorcycles, drinking coors light at the beach, smoking in front of 7-11, working construction, hanging out at taco bell at 3 am, moshing, at the bar, getting a tattoo, buying a bong, at the liquor store, getting kicked out of concerts, getting a burrito, at the skate park (usually smoking pot/cigs and not skating), snaking non-locs, driving fast. Loves to fight and yell. Been murdered out since before murdered out was murdered out.
Ex#1 You can't out loc an SC loc

Ex#2 Loc: Ughhh, were gonna be getting chucka rout tonight dawg

Ex#3 Loc: Let's go kick it at the skateboard park and smoke some stoges
Non-Loc: But i don't have my board...
Loc: Loc's don't need skateboards to hang out at the park dawg

Ex#4 Loc: let's hop in the lifted '91 4runner and go beat up some non-locs

Ex#5 Loc: let's get hella natty, chocolate swishers, reds and just kick it bro

Ex#6 *Loc with straight edge tattoo walks into 7-11 and gets a pack of reds*
Non-loc 1: isn't that hypocritical to smoke and have a straight edge tattoo?
Non-Loc 2: No because Loc's do whatever the fuck they want!
by trueLOC June 10, 2009

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