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An unfathomable amount of thirst. An level of thirst so unquenchable that it results in the use of rather embarrassing methods in an attempt to do so, such as, oh dear god, Tinder. Once someone has reached said level of thirst, there is no turning back. He or she doomed to a life of moderate disdain but unquestionable mockery from those around them.
"Hey, want to sit outside of 7/11 with me and pick up chicks?"

"Dude...that's hella natty."
by Niet. July 12, 2014
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The ultimate level of thirst. So thirsty no amount of Gatorade or sex can quench the thirst.
"I just made a Tinder account."
"Dude, that's hella natty."
by Thirst July 12, 2014

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