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1. Dental floss.
2. Short or waste silk fibers, especially from the outer surface of the cocoon of a silkworm.
3. Soft, loosely twisted thread, as of silk or cotton, used in embroidery.
4. A downy or silky fibrous substance, such as corn silk or silk cotton.
5. A body feather of an ostrich.
6. A small stream of water.
7. Fluid glass floating on iron in the puddling furnace, produced by the vitrification of oxides and earths which are present.

v. tr.
To clean between (teeth) with dental floss.

v. intr.
To use dental floss.
Floss 3 times a day, and eat nightly.
by Troy February 05, 2003
Sporting mad flava.
Playaz be pimpin' and mad flossin' when dey be clubbin'.
by Troy October 29, 2002
Tight @ss Pussy
You ever seen those chics in the tight volleyball shorts...then you get my drift.

Also applies to the P in general if it's tight.
by Troy April 04, 2003
Heavy Metal is by far a better form of music than anything going today. Although some of today's "nu metal" bands have a bit of talent, none compare to metal gods of years past such as Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Slayer, Pantera, Metallica (as in pre 1990's Selloutica), and even Alice in Chains on Facelift. This was angry music with a purpose, not just angry for the sake of selling records.
If you want an example of good heavy metal music, listen to some Iron Maiden or Motorhead, fuck this Korn and Slipknot crybaby shit.
by Troy August 27, 2003
The girls in high school and college volleyball have to wear those insanely small shorts because of some "regulation".

We know who's in charge of these regulations. :p
Just watch some College Volleyball--it's like cameltoe country.
by Troy January 05, 2004
A term used to disribe a beautiful girl, that know doubt takes care of "downstairs"
Hey!, Look at her...some cakes!
by Troy May 03, 2003
A saying Troy made up at Virginia Tech meaning he has to tell the truth but regrets it... It is spreading in popularity as we speak
I'm not gonna lie, but you are fat and ugly
by Troy April 20, 2004
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