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Someone whose actions go against the interests of American corporations, even if they received US government money six months ago.

Not to be confused with a "strong leader of a troubled country", which is someone who is still receiving US government money and using it to butcher the locals.
Saddam Hussein (since 1990 only)

Mullah Mohammed Omar

Slobodan Milosevic (in Kosovo/a, but not in Bosnia)

definitely NOT: Jiang Zemin, Putin, Indonesian presidents, the guy in Uzbekistan, Museveni of Uganda etc etc, who aren't ruthless dictators because they still support US interests and/or are too big to bomb
by troops out of iraq April 20, 2004
Word with no apparent meaning except that it seems to have to do with nuking people.

Invented by a media hack after the US soft-peddled on North Korea while getting ready to invade Iraq. "It seems the doctrine of pre-emption only means pre-empting people who can't empt back". (To "pre-empt" means to act first).
Like, North Korea can nuke people so America daren't bomb them, which makes nonsense of the "Bush Doctrine" - however, since they can't nuke America and since Bush probably doesn't give a fuck if they nuke Japan, S Korea or China, this probably isn't true, it's just that N Korea don't have any oil or anything else Bush's corporate friends want.
by troops out of iraq April 20, 2004
Verb meaning to invade a country in order to steal its natural resources and then to shoot all the locals.

Corruption of an earlier word meaning "to free" (the kind of word statist wankers are unlikely ever to understand because they're too busy getting secret gay hard-ons from each other's uniforms and macho crap talk even while going round trying to ban gay marriage and be total homophobes because they won't admit to themselves that being right-wing is just a way to get turn-ons).
"We had to destroy the village in order to save it" (US marine commander in Vietnam)
by troops out of iraq April 20, 2004

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