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When a person has sex with someone that is at least two feet or more shorter than they are. This is similar to statutory rape in the sense that it can be consensual but defies either a societal law or falls into the category of taboo.
1) Yao Ming having sexual relations with anyone that is five foot six or shorter would be sasquatchutory rape.
2) I imagine that there would be many instances of sasquatchutory rape if TLC did a 'behind closed doors' episode of that show _Little People Big World_.
3) That guy on that Nat Geo show _taboo_ commits sasquatchutory rape with his dwarf girlfriend. They say their sex life is very interesting.
by trombonegod99 January 10, 2012
The shit that you realize you have to take only as you are walking out of the bathroom after having urinated and/or washed your hands.
"Sorry I'm late, I was just leaving the bathroom when I was hit by a sleeper shit."
by trombonegod99 September 12, 2012

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