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Adding the point to "Her Most Royal Majesty"

#1 We arent eastern, Japan is the east, we are western, just not as western as you.
#2 So right you call us british, we call you earthlings? i mean according to your logic thats what you are, i mean believe it or not you must be from earth.
#3 We didnt give it the name soccer, that sounds crap, we called it football as you kick it with your feet, you changed it to soccer at some point? if we gave it that name how come us ENGLISH call it football?
#4 By former colonies helped us out, do you mean prevented a tyrant from taking over the world, doesnt sound like a "little squabble", any idea how many innocent people were killed?. And for your information and everyone elses , america did not save any one in world war 2, it was russia, they had the greatest losses and gave the biggest help by attacking the germans from the east, sandwhiching them, the americans did not attack from the east...
"hey you called it soccer"
"we called it football, you must've for what ever reason changed that perfect suitable name"

england vs america = china wins
by troller2418 June 22, 2010

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