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Basically George W. Bush wiping his arse on the U.S. Constitution. It wasn't even read by anyone yet it was approved by every Congressman in Washington D.C.
And the purpose of this bullshit is to protect freedom in America. Soon we'd probably have more freedom in Burma if this keeps up.
by tritium July 18, 2004
Kickass open-source web browser based on Netscape. Has pop-up and spam blockser, tabbed browsing options, everything you need. Best on 98/2000/XPLite, MacOS X, Linux, or any IE-free OS.
Why use something that will die on you?
Go to this site: www.mozilla.org
by tritium July 19, 2004
Almost as bad as MTV. Nearly every song played there is only rap music taken from the Top 40 list, which is basically crappy poetry spoken rhythm over shite techno beats.
BET Jazz is OK though.
by tritium July 16, 2004
Simply, a fucked up organisation. Those litigious bastards don't give musicians a single cent for each copy of their CDs sold, and with MP3s becoming a more and more popular format each day, now they're even suing the musicians for posting their own sodding MP3s on the net, just for the sake of making money by the billions and billions. Seriously, how fucked up is that? Piracy and MP3 actually help musicians get recognised, and as I'm a musician I should know this. But, as usual, the RIAA doesn't give a shit.
The RIAA is just another corporate-whore making puppets out of politians. Now that the lawsuit cases and policies made their popularity plunge down, I guess they've worked hard enough just to shoot themselves in the foot. LOL
by tritium July 16, 2004
An idea that worked out on paper, but failed miserably in practice. It actually might've worked quite well if Joseph Stalin didn't turn himself into an all-controlling despot.

Also a rarely understood economical system, partly because of capitalist governments during the Cold War telling people that it's wrong, and partly 'cos most people can't stand reading ten words of Marx's writing.
Communism in its essence consists of a classless society with an equalised economy. And no, I'm not defending or supporting it, I'm just posting my observations of it.
by tritium July 18, 2004
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