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A website with a vast appetite for your money and time, which rewards its users with insult.
Time to check my match.com and send another 20 messages into a cyber vaccum.
by TreeWeezel August 07, 2011
Actual meaning: a very good chance, opposite of a slim chance.

Typical usage: sarcasticly, as to imply that there is no chance in hell.
Let's do the right thing and serve these guys!

Pschh. Fat chance. (chuckles)
by TreeWeezel October 24, 2011
What skinny, tarted-up latina girls call each other when they squabble.
"Hola, Chinga."
"Who you callin Chinga, chinga?"
"Estas la chinga, chinga."
"Oh this is on, gordita!"

Arm flapping/slapping/hilarity ensues.
by TreeWeezel November 19, 2010
Ultimate insult when spoken between skinny, tarted-up latina girls.
latina 1: "Aie chinga, he's my man"
latina 2: "Out of the way, gordita"
latina 1: "Oh this is on"

Arm flapping/slapping/hilarity ensues
by TreeWeezel November 19, 2010
A poorly designed alcoholic beverage made with pitiful equipment, inappropriate ingredients, and suspect sanitation. Always homemade, although some fruit-flavored beers are almost bad enough to qualify.
Dude 1: "That fizzling pot contains the next batch o' hootch"
Dude 2: "Shouldn't you put a lid on that stuff?"
by TreeWeezel November 15, 2010
Festival of Lights. Commonly known as the time Jews made some piddly amount of oil burn for 8 days.

An excellent time for candle displays, latkes, and Horrah music.
Jew: "Have some bubbly, greasy latkes!"

Dude: "Oy, this is why people were actually suprised that Jews could be stingy with oil. I think I understand Chanukah."
by TreeWeezel November 18, 2010
An almost intangible length. About as small a movement as the human eye can detect. Approximately the diameter of a pubic hair.
The painting isn't centered - move it one pube to the right
by TreeWeezel August 16, 2011

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