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Incontinent is a type of affective disorder as defined in the yet to be published Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM V). the symptoms of incontinence include misplaced passports, a sense of being landlocked, despondancy over missing the Left Bank, and a debilitating fear that the world is passing you by. Incontinence , if successfully treated, often finds the formally afflicted far from home, happily exploring foreign territories.
Hey, so sad to hear that Joe has incontinence.

Oh no worries! He found his passport, stashed the kids with relatives, quit his job, and has already been to five other continents! He's definitely no longer incontinent.
by toutestpossible August 11, 2010
The eighth month of the year and in most parts of the contiguous United States, also a time for soaring temperatures, playing hookey, squeezing into an itsy bitsy bikini and finding a stretch of lakewater to float in. However, the eighth month in the year 2010 as experienced in Seattle has droopy, 59' temperatures, scattered rainshowers, cool marine air, and ads (already!) for back-to-school whatnots. Augustember, the eighth month in Seattle is really just an added fall feature. Get your back-to-school red plaid bikini and pray for hot hot heat by the time Bumbershoot rolls around!
"Hey, I hear summers in Seattle are drop-dead gorgeous!"

"Yeah, well usually true, but this year we lost August to September so our Augustember has the natives feeling a little chill."
by toutestpossible August 09, 2010

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