4 definitions by tourettes1992

When a girl puts alkasalser in her mouth with water, and a dude puts his nads in her mouth.
This ball cuzzis feels good.
by tourettes1992 August 23, 2006
The hair on your ass, the word stems from the word, "puebs," which is the hair around your dick.
Hey nice poobs you got there.
by tourettes1992 June 26, 2007
A band with woman playing an instrument or is on vocals.
-Dude, I listen to Sonic Youth.
-Thats a chick band.
-So, you listen to the pixies don't you?
by tourettes1992 August 19, 2006
To puke on your partner while having sex, and to lick it up.
-Ew, why did you puke on me?
-Im just gulching...
by tourettes1992 August 19, 2006

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