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When your tounging a chicks ass like a five year old licking the bottom of an icecream dish and she farts in your mouth and you lick any excrement ejected.
I was performing fartalingus on Tito’s wife last night and the bitch exploded like a shaken Corona.
#buttalingus #butt #ass #fart #queef
by tounginasscheek July 10, 2008
A line shaped shit stain left on a pair of girls panties.
Ken: "Remember that hot chick I was talking to last night at the bar?"
Joe: "let me guess, you took her home and gave her the dirty Adolp, right?"
Ken: "I knew it would work when I took off her pants and saw her panty skunk."
#dirty adolf #panty stripe #fartalingus #shit stain #pot of gold
by tounginasscheek July 10, 2008
Noun, a thick white glob of semen that resembles a slug.
I blasted her with a cum slug in the face and marveled at how it appeared to crawl toward her chin.
#spudge #wad #cum #semen #sperm
by tounginasscheek June 12, 2013
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