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Suffolk based band best known for their performances on Channel 4's Orange Unsigned Acts. Known for their pop-punk sound and great sense of humour, the boys were well loved despite lack of support by the show's judges.
Original line up saw Barnaby Courtney (lead Vox), Kyle Orton (Guitar &Vox), Patrick Richardson - Todd (Lead Guitar), Rob Banthorp (Percussion) and Matt Fowkes (Bass) wow audiences up and down the country with their catchy riffs, great harmonies and synchronised jumping!

On the show, only Barnaby and Kyle seemed to be allowed to open their mouths (Which most people found appalling due to the humour seen from the rest of the boys in their video diaries) and some obvious editing put them at each others throats, while the rest of the boys were just shown to look "worried".

After the show, the pressure became too much for lead singer barnaby and he left the band in the lurch just when us fans needed him the most. Thousands of young girls were devastated, although this did leave room for Pat & Rob fans to take the lead.
The band carried on for another year, playing a range of gigs up and down the country to receptive audiences and new fans.

As far as i know all members of the band are in a relationship but when that changes Patrick is mine!
"Did you see sleepercell play at the strawberry fair? I did, it was awesome!"
by totalposer January 21, 2010
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