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A reference to an internet meme whose roots trace back to the a webcomic "Toothpaste for Dinner" dated August 30, 2005, titled “Basic Electronic Symbols."
In this comic strip, there were drawings of a Resistor, a Capacitor, and JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR.

Nowadays the phrase is a typical response to phrases or combinations of phrases like such as:
"I am a lion"

Depending on whether Jesus Christ is present or not, he may render assistance to your current predicament.
Lion: "Rawr. I am a Lion. >:3"
Jesus Christ with a sawed-off shotgun: "I'll handle the lion, you just get in the car."
by tornredcarpet March 30, 2011
The wearing of pants (most commonly jeans) underneath a skirt as to avoid revealing underwear during flareups. Commonly seen casualwear of dancers.
Them skants hide all the booty, sugar, why don't you give a brotha some love?!
by tornredcarpet February 24, 2008

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