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A very small penis, or the individual who possesses it.
Ever change in the 24 Hour Fitness locker room in Daly City? All you can see is buttons in every direction.
by toosuave August 11, 2013
When a male makes his partner (male or female) reach orgasm solely by penile penetration and no external stimulus (hands, mouth etc).
Dude, we only had time for a quickie, but I totally hit a bullseye...fifth time this week.
by toosuave July 31, 2013
A person originating from the Indian sub-continent.
I can't understand a word that Jinder is saying.
by toosuave February 24, 2010
an eastern-european whore, often trying to pass as a working-woman by wearing knock-off designer clothes or leaching off a poser boyfriend
Slutmila, Slutlasha and Slutlana were banned at the swap-meet for shop-lifting knock-off Gucci boots in their vaginas.
by toosuave November 22, 2013
an Eastern European whore; although outwardly they might seem to have legitimate professions.
Look at Slutasha, Slutmila and Slutlana couldn't pay for their breakfast at the diner, so they asked the busboy if they could work-off the bill in the restroom like they did back in Russia.
by toosuave November 22, 2013
Asian I'd Rike to Fuck
Waaaah! Why you no rike make fucky fucky that rady? She a total AIRF!
by toosuave August 12, 2011

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