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really dirty foreskin some love it some dont smegma
man ur cocks smeggy its making me moist!!!
u filthy cunt go wash that smeggy cock!!
by toostr82bgay April 16, 2005
to shit marshmellows is when you hear some fantastic news that gets u so excited u could litterally shit marshmellows
i swear im so excited i could shit marshmellows!!
by toostr82bgay December 23, 2004
a cunt clot is someone that is so up them self they cant sit down for fear of sucking up the furniture
IE; stuck up cunt
IE; tampon
im suprised u can walk u have ur head so far up ur ass u fucking cunt clot
by toostr82bgay December 23, 2004
a fucktard is a person that has the IQ of garbage waste
dude ur a fucktard stop talking u'll hurt urself fool!!
by toostr82bgay December 23, 2004
a swamp donkey is like a swamp pig or a bush pig
basically its a white trailor trash scrubber who doesnt wash and has a smelly cunt
a girl u wouldnt fuck with a baseball bat
ghurl ur a swamp donkey u nasty!!!
by toostr82bgay December 23, 2004
a fuck knuckle is like a dick knuckle or a fucktard
basically its a person that has the IQ of a swamp flea
dude ur a fuck knuckle shut the fuck up!!
by toostr82bgay December 23, 2004
a gigglefuck is that feeling u get that some of us have forgotten about
we used to get it alot when we were kids
for no apparent reason u can be sitting there and an all consuming feeling evelopes u that rises up ur body and makes u shake and tingle and sometimes get goosepimples
if often experienced settling into a cold bed
stimpy from ren and stimpy was quite good at gigglefucks
nuack nuack nuack nuack that gigglefuck was fantastic!!!!!
by toostr82bgay December 23, 2004

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