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A “cock waffle” has at two (or more) definitions.

A) An insult, usually used when someone (or something) has been bad. Cock waffle is an example of foul language where the word “waffle” has been added after a word to create a new foul language term.

B) A waffle in the shape of a cock.
A) I had almost finished when my cock waffle of a computer suddenly turned itself off.

B) “I love u cockwaffle”.
by too-many-grouchy-people September 16, 2007
Drug-dealing operation where drug dealer(s) are contacted by phone and/or text messaging to distribute drugs.

(Hey drug dealers, if my definition is inaccurate .. please submit your own definition)
Police believe the "dial-a-dope" dealers were receiving hundreds of telephone orders each week.
by too-many-grouchy-people January 15, 2007
When an area is near security camera(s) but isn't seen by any cameras.
"Did the security cameras get the attack on tape?"
"No, it happened in a camera shadow."
by too-many-grouchy-people June 03, 2005
1) When someone complains about their health problems at length.

2) Music concert featuring an organ (musical instrument).
1) person-A: "I was looking forward to a good discussion, but they kept talking about their aches and pains and I couldn't get a word in edgewise."
person-B: "Ugh, another organ recital?"
person-A: "It totally was."

2) person-C: I'm in the mood for music.
person-D: I'm going out tonight to listen to an organ recital. Want to come with?
person-C: Sure, that sounds great.
by too-many-grouchy-people May 20, 2009
Slang for multiple hickeys (marks or bruises on someone's skin resulting from kissing, sucking and/or biting by their lover).
"Hey, are those leopard spots on your neck?"
"Yeah, I got nibbled in various places."
by too-many-grouchy-people January 09, 2007

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