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Having a fully erect penis, that is so hard and ready for sexy time, that it is totally capable of pounding even solid brick to smithereens.
Holy Shit! My dick is so hard I could lay a brick! That's right, I could literally pound the virginity out of a solid brick! So, anyway, what's your mom doing tonight?
by tonyfamous November 01, 2011
An orgasm that a woman has whenever she's getting fucked while standing up.
I didn't want to fuck your mom on my bed because I just put clean sheets on it, so I threw her up against the wall an fucked her so hard I gave her a Standing O.
by tonyfamous December 16, 2010
Working the clay: To engage in sexual foreplay, like in that scene with the Pottery Wheel that was in that movie Ghost. A shirtless Patrick Swayze came all up behind Demi Moore and started massaging a big phallic looking clump of clay, then sticking his fingers in her clay and then she got all hot and sexy and totally fucked up the vase she was working on and then they had really intensely passionate R-rated movie sex with fake multiple orgasms. Because of this movie scene enrollment in Pottery Making Classes went through the roof! :-D
Demi Moore is so old and decrepit now that Ashton Kutcher must have to spend at least an hour " working the clay " before even attempting to stick his dick in her sandbox and I'm sure as hell that he still would get a dry burn on his dick so bad that it would require multiple skin grafts!

Ashton: Hey Demi. Could you slap on a little more Geriatric K-Y please! I think there are sparks shooting off my dick!

Demi: Did you hear that cracking noise! I think you just broke my hip!!!
by tonyfamous June 23, 2011
Farting a turd is what happens when you hold your shit in too long and then try to relieve a little sphincter muscle pressure by farting.
Man I got to shit so bad, that If you don't get out of the fucking bathroom right now, I'm going to Fart a Turd!!! >_<
by tonyfamous October 17, 2010
fake titties that you wear on or over your real titties so that your little titties look bigger.
Man your titties look bigger! I know you can't afford no breast implants, so those must be breast onplants!
by tonyfamous October 04, 2010
Pinching a biscuit is what happens when you go to the bathroom to take a huge dump, or " pinch a loaf ", but wind up being really costipated and only dropping a small turd.
I'm so fucking constipated that I can't even pinch a biscuit.
by tonyfamous October 03, 2010
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