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a phraise to remind a long time friend that friends should come before girlfriends ( or female friends). the phraise could be said with no intention of calling the female friend a ho, or it could be precisily what it ment.some think its jest an excuse for friends who are jelous of their friends girlfriend, but even with a girlfriend. Its allways cool to chill with your friends.
Friend 1- dude, you ready to go ridin.
Friend 2- no dude im hanging out with my girlfriend today.
friend 1- but we made these plans last week.
friend 2- i know dude but i need to get laid.
friend 1- ok whatever, but tommorow u and your girlfriend wanna chill uptown.
friend 2- no dude, she dosent like u, she thinks u r stalking her because u put her on your top 8 on and left her a picture comment.
friend 1- i was gest trying to be nice,i like this other girl at my school. why does she think every time i talk to her im trying to steal her from u.
friend 2- i dont know, lisen ill call you back when we are done hanging out. ok dude
friend 1- come on dude, bros before hos, that what you allways said when you were single.
friend 2- times change..... later dude
friend 1- later

And friend 2 never calls back
by tony lopez April 11, 2007
The bouncy objects that make men do thing they dont normally do. spend a lot of money,blowoff agendas and etc. But its worth it when you get to suck on dem.
girl-can you lend me 80 bucks for shoppin.

dude-only if you let me suck on your boobs

girl- ok let do this
by tony lopez April 29, 2007

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