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a guarantee put out by Andrew Bernard (from the Office)... something that stands firm
Andy Bernard: Of course you can count on me, I'm giving it the nard dog guarantee
by tommyboy6688 February 21, 2010
a special person who can achieve great things; the one for a job, The MAN, one who reigns superior to all others
Latarian: Yo when I get that job interview I'm gonna convince the hiring manager that I'm that nigga.

Bob: You aint shit!
Joe: Dude, I pushed 20 ki's last week... I'm that nigga.
by tommyboy6688 February 18, 2010
110 mph
weezy: buck 10 in the coupe and ya bitch love, switchin lanes quicker than she switch subjects
by tommyboy6688 February 21, 2010
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