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Exactly the same as an Emeril, but it involves using smegma instead of semen.
I gave my ex-girlfriend a cheese omelet during sex since she was playing hot psycho asian girlfriend mindgames with me.
by Tomek December 15, 2004
this happens when a girl on her period goes bonkers oon ever guy she knows, any midol worthy-moment
"wen im sick im about as moody as a you on ur blood reign"
by tomek November 06, 2004
When you pound a woman so hard that she bruises down below and then, once completed and cleaned, you go down below for a cunnilingus and enjoy the extra smoothness (like a rare steak).
I gave Koda Kumi a blue steak just to be able to brag about it.
by Tomek April 07, 2006
Much like a woman is beaten in the face with a dick while cockslapped, the chinook is for role-reversal.

A chinook occurs when a woman tit-slaps a man in the face, or when a man's face is between two large, round, vuluptuous breasts and decides to shake them side to side.
"Don't get chinooks from big jugs - you can lose an eye that way!"

- Jon B.
by Tomek September 20, 2004

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