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Clearly there are people reading this who dislike the British. I would have to say that I myself am English, and always ensure that I discern between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
I have good teeth (though the NHS dentistry is a bit of a running joke these days)
I'm not gay, but neither am I homophobic, and infact have several gay friends (who I am not, by the way, completely paranoid about to the point where I stand with my back to the wall every time I meet them).

I think one of the most important characteristics of the British is our ability to not take ourselves too seriously.
I laugh at some of the comments on here; yes I am sure we often give off the "higher than thou" vibe, and I can see why many other cultures would resent us, and yes we have "mingers" just like everyone else. But water off a ducks back guys!

The way I see it, we know we're damn good, we just don't feel the need to show off :-)
A quintessential British Icon,
If you're not a Brit, then you're not it.
by tom_densa August 14, 2006

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