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The Capital of the great state of South Carolina. Also the home of the University of South Carolina whose mascot is the GAMECOCK!
(Your School's Ladies love our COCKS!)
by token February 27, 2005
A special strain of marijuana grown in the Humbolt region of california.
yo, I just got back from way up north and scored some a that bubonic chronic they call yumbolt
by token February 21, 2005
An abbreviated term for the University of South Carolina's mascot, the Gamecock.
Lets give a cheer carolina is here the fighting gamecocks lead the way.
Who gives a care if the going gets tough and when its rough, that's when the COCKS get going.
Hail to our colors of garnet and black, in carolina pride have we.
So go gamecocks go
Go for the goal
U-S-C will win tonight
so lets give a cheer carolina is here the fighting Gamecocks lead the Way.
by token February 27, 2005

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