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A person, usually a female, that is both very poor and has sex with people free of charge. Usually attaches themselves to their partner’s place of residence and returns the favor in sexual ways (because they are too poor to repay in money).
In addition to 'gutter whore' one can usually be called other names such as slut, skank, hoochie, cum dumpster, cum depository, ho, tramp
After getting dumped by his girlfriend, Mike picked up a gutter whore at the bar.
by toddthegeek August 23, 2006
To attack a strong enemy by brute force (Warcraft III). Usually a raid involves sending an overwhelming amount of troops into an area in the hope that the greater number of troops will be able to overtake the enemy or at least severely damage their ability to fight.
See also Zurg

It can also be used in the non traditional way to describe accomplishing a challenging task such traveling with a group of coworkers to an area known to have free donuts or a group of males traveling to an area where a high percent of females are know to be present.

Raid is also a powerful bug spray that can be used to kill such things as ants and bees.

Raid also is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is used to describe the setup of one’s hard drives.
Example 1:
A: Hurry up! We have to RAID this guy’s base before he becomes a level 7.

Example 2:
A: Hey I heard some customers were in today. Do you want to RAID the break room to see if there are any free donuts left over?

Example 3:
A: John, get the RAID. There are some ants on the patio.

Example 4:
A: My computer uses a RAID. It’s way fast.
by ToddTheGeek February 19, 2008
Stands for Internet Explorer 7. It is a much needed upgrade to the previous version, IE6. IE7 adds a simplified user experience, tabbed browsing, anti-phishing filters, instant search box, an improved favorites section, support for RSS feeds, page zoom, address bar protection, and parental controls.

In addition to these features it also goes a long way to conform to the W3 web standards such as CSS2 which many programmers complained about in IE6.
Jane and Joe installed IE7 instead of Mozilla Firefox.
by toddthegeek August 23, 2006

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