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the act of swallowing a man's cum.
I gave my girlfriend a milkshake last night and she finished every drop.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
refers to the cinamax movie channel which is known for showing softcore porn on friday and saturday nights.
The party sucked so went home early and watched some skinamax.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
1. a really big slut;
2. a girl who is obvious about her promiscuity;
3. A girl who flaunts or brags about her sexual adventures.
After Nancy had sex with the entire high school football team, everyone knew she was a brontowhoreus.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
a person who you can not determine if they are gay or straight
Dan never has a girlfriend and really likes to shop. He is definately queerstionable.
by toast455 June 23, 2005
A trip where the sole purpose is to get laid. See Spring Break, Mardi Gras.
After a stressful break-up with my girlfriend, it was time to take a fornication vacation.
by toast455 July 10, 2005
A blow job; to give oral sex to a man. This term was a popular 1980's slang. It is seing a resurgance along with other 80's terms such as dork and joystick.
I caught a headwash from this girl I met at the bar the other night.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
1. someone who is bisexual
2. someone whose sexual preferance can go either way and does not favor men or women
I met this girl at a bar the other night and I saw her checking out other chicks. She's probably a kitchen door.
by toast455 June 22, 2005

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