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1. A sharp cramp caused by playing video games
2. the act of calling out sick from work to stay home and play video games.
1. By the time I got to level 9 on Donkey Kong, I was suffering from severe nintendinitis.
2. When the new "Grand Theft Auto" game was released, I had to call out sick due to my nintendinitis.
by toast455 June 23, 2005
A more common use of the term is to say you particularly like Nintendo published games, similar to Pac-man fever sept its an itis
Man Super Mario kicks ass ive got nintendinitis
by mushroom omlet August 24, 2007
a cramp, usually on the right hand in the area between the thumb and the index finger that is primarily caused by prolonged exposure to video game controllers
A: One more game.
B: Naw, man. My nintendinits is acting up. I can barely hold this controller.
by Ivan January 23, 2004
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