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Decent cartoons that are required by dorky-American kids to have been made in Japan. They are pretty cool to watch until you're like a 25 year old virgin who does cosplay. Than you need to move out of your mom's basement and get a life.
Evangelion, Love Hina, and Gundam are examples of some popular anime.
by tnic May 30, 2005
Someone who will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get laid and are a social fucktard. Honestly, if you have to beat of to an anime girl you should honestly just die because your life will always suc. And for God's sake move out of your mom's basement!!!!
If you do Cosplay, you are definately an Otaku. You suck at life.
by tnic May 30, 2005
There are two realms of Cosplay~
1.) Japanese girls (sometimes attractive) who dress up as anime characters. not that big of a deal.
2.) Fatass nasty acne ridden American social retards who dress up as anime characters except they look nothing like them because their fat ass is pouring out of the back. And YOU ARE NOT JAPANESE, YOU WILL NEVER BE. Gross.
1.) Oh look there are some attractive Japanese chicks doing cosplay.
2.) *vomits* Pease get deported.
by tnic May 30, 2005

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