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It means Peace. Or it could mean bye.
What ever you want it to mean it could mean...

Person 1 - Im gonna go
Person 2 - Okay Peace
Person 1 - PEASE

by Kelly Nyce November 07, 2006
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1. A sad, yet incredibly adorable way of getting what you want.
2. Spherical vegetable that is green.
3. What comes after O?
4. What happens when you go to the bathroom. It would have been more poetic if it was number one.
1. Rachel: I want marry you.
Sean: Maybe.
Rachel: Pease?
Sean: Well that was adorable, so yes.

2. Pass the pease please

3. abcdefghijklmno... PEASE!!!

4. My bladder is full... I go pease...
by Ben O. Verbich July 20, 2014
A sad, yet adorable way to get someone to do what you want.
Rachel:Pease kiss me?
Sean:Starts to melt with the overwhelming cuteness.
Rachel:Pease :3
Sean:Begins to kiss Rachel.
by Ben O. Verbich July 20, 2014
A more gangsta way of saying Peace, only used when saying goodbye
1. hey homes I gota bounce
2. oh true, Pease!!
by popstar324 March 17, 2011

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