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That small half circle of dots ur teeth make that ends up scratching ur cel phone display when u clench ur phone in ur mouth so u can use both hands to hold ur car door to pop a squat and pee in the parking lot outside da club.
Shit I got pee teeth dots all over my new Sidekick". "Damn girl u shudda let me hold it for u". "Yeah right so u can take a pix of me peeing !!!
by tmdoom June 12, 2010
The act of masturbating in a peep booth and coming all over the glass partition that separates you from the naked girl.
Peep Booth Girl: "Hey fellas... c'mon in and splash the glass for me".
Other Peep Booth Girl: "Don't be shy. Lemme see you jack off and splash the glass".
by tmdoom June 01, 2015
All the private and personal information you purposely or unknowingly store on your smartphone.
When I went to get us some more drinks, she grabbed my iphone and looked at my tweets, FB rants, gps history, credit card balance, and even the youtube videos I watched. She had my whole digital fingerprint by the time I got back.
by tmdoom April 24, 2011
That feeling of overwhelming anxiety and stress people experience when they realize all the data from all the increasingly more rapid technological advances of our world is exceeding their brain's ability to process it.
"I swear I can't take it anymore. I'm being bombarded with too much info from too many sources. I know I'm gonna snap. And when I do, I'm blaming it on technoshock".
by tmdoom April 24, 2011

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