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An assclown. Homo erectus.
-when playing "top that"

Guy 1: But my dad is-

Guy 2: -a cornhole conquistador?
by tlet March 28, 2008
Rimming out a fag with diarrhea.
Scooter: I'm so hungry I could-
EP: Get your Brokeback Brownwings?
Scooter: -punch you in the face.
by tlet March 28, 2008
Shorthand for Keebler. An assclown.
...a herd of silly assclowns stroll by...

Guy 1: Check it out. A buncha keebs over there.

by tlet March 27, 2008
A queer. Gay men who hang out tasting each other's hot cookies.

See also: Keeb.
Guy 1: My what a tassty Sssaulsaulito.

Guy 2: Back off Keebler!
by tlet March 27, 2008
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